Daiva Lideikiene
Licensed and Certified Facial Specialist


 Daiva holds 15 Certifications in Advanced Skin Care Treatments. She is well versed and trained in all aspects of the skin and its care.

She has a long history in skin care therapy. Beginning her studies in Lithuania and more recent experience was working by the side of Board Certified Dr.Ash Hanna providing their patients with an aray of Advanced Skin Care Procedure and Treatments. Then she had furthered her certification and licensure through "Florida Academy" completing a 600 Hour Skin Care Program, exceeding the State requirements. Also, graduated Valevictorian and the Top of her Class making the "100%" Club.  

The moment you meet her you will know you are in kind, caring, and experienced hands.  Upon your arrival, she will perform her initial examination. 
Examination of the area and or areas of Derma and its condition addressing a wide variety of skin concerns while doing her assessment. Following assessment, she will implement a treatment care plan to help you get the best results. These care options vary for each person specifically. 

Here are some of her common and effective treatments, used in combinations, best results do apply. 

Formulated by Daiva just for your skin maximizing results!
Chemical Peels, Advanced Chemical Peels, Micro-Dermabrasion, Non-Surgical Face lifts, Dermaplaning, Micro-Needling, Epiwave, a multiple variety of Micro-Currant techniquess.

Daiva also has multiple Language skills, speaking; Lithuanian, English, Russian and Studied German in School.  However most of the time she speaks her own; adding to the Daiva dictionary almost daily.  Really just adds to her most pleasant personalty in which we are sure you too will come to adore.